About Me


Hi there! I’m Maggie.

I got married at 22–in January, 1988,– 3 weeks after graduating from Arizona State (Go Sun Devils!!) with a BA in English, and left the big city suburbs of Phoenix that I’d grown up around to travel to such exotic places as Alamogordo, New Mexico–yes, it was culture shock for me.  My husband  retired from the Air Force in 2005 and we settled in Colorado Springs with our 3 children (who are now mostly grown).

After supporting everyone else’s needs and wants for most of my life, I now am trying to remember my own passions. I follow the teachings of Jesus and LOVE seeing people come alive to His joy and purposes. I wouldn’t call myself religious, because I don’t follow a set of rules or identify with any political ideology. However, I have great respect for the Bible (I’ve studied it all of my life–literally!  Before I could read, my mom would read me the stories and have me memorize verses and what they mean for us today) and have taught Bible studies and discipled people for more than 35 years!  Whew!

I enjoy exercising (but also eating in equal measures…), chocolate and Cary Grant movies.  Oh, and I’m a little obsessed with bubbles and Christmas wrapping paper….

I hope writing my thoughts will help me in my journey and perhaps you too as we enter new phases of our lives.

We’re all in this together!!

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