Pains In Our Backsides


Therefore, to keep me from becoming overly proud, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger from the Adversary to pound away at me, so that I wouldn’t grow conceited. Three times I begged the Lord to take this thing away from me; but he told me, “My grace is enough for you, for my power is brought to perfection in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:7b-9a)

  • Yes, Donald Trump’s video sickens me.
  • No, I wasn’t okay with Bill Clinton’s behavior back-in-the-day.
  • Yes, Hillary Clinton is a flawed human being.
  • No, I won’t vote for Donald Trump.
  • Yes, Benghazi was horrifying.
  • No, I don’t believe Benghazi or the emails discredit Hillary Clinton.
  • Yes, I have substantial reasons for all of these statements.
  • No, I won’t write a blog about them.
  • Yes, I have read the same articles and have the same facts that others have.
  • No, there isn’t just one way to interpret that information.
  • Yes, I am thrilled to have a civil conversation with anyone about them.

As a matter of fact, I have had several conversations with friends on the-other-side-of-the-aisle from my leanings. And I learned things about them, and myself. And I have great respect for them and their interpretations of the facts in our current political mess.

But, sometimes, we just need a funny story that relates to the bigger picture:

The other day, I finally had a morning to sleep in after a month of travel and catching up after travel. My son had to work early, my husband had breakfast plans with a friend, and I would have a silent house that wouldn’t wake me.

Mmmmmm. Best. Laid. Plans.

As I enjoyed a dream devoid of politics, I felt a sharp pain in my backside.

And then again.

prick. prick. prick.

It became an unpleasant part of a dream that had started off as a party with friends, then became a horror movie scene where someone took a knife to me–in my backside.

Ssssslooooowly entering into the non-dream world, I realized there must be a needle or a pin in my bed. I felt around; but couldn’t find anything sticking in me, out of me, or on the sheets. I tried going back to sleep; but I kept feeling the needle pricking me.

Finally, sleep completely gone from my mind and body, I got up and looked around my bed. Something was moving; but my eyes hadn’t quite adjusted to ‘awake’ reality. Fading into focus, I saw the ugliest weirdest spider I’d ever seen!


And I couldn’t see where it went!

I screamed!

To no one since everyone was gone. Thoughts flew fast and furious through my crisis-heightened logic:

I could make a 911 call because surely this was an emergency but maybe the more rational thing to do was to call my son and have him leave work to come rescue me because he works only 5 minutes from our house so he could be there before the monstrosity killed me and surely his boss would understand of course I had no idea where my husband was having breakfast but I could call him and he would rush to my defense because he’s gone 100mph before and surely that experience was in preparation for this very moment!

Then I came up for air.

Somewhere in all my panic, my eyes snapped into clear focus and I saw it on the wall.

Thank God!

It was only a wasp…

Yes, as my backside burned with the fire of fresh stinging, I breathed a sigh of relief.

It wasn’t a mutant spider.

It was a normal wasp.

**I felt the same relief long, long ago when I went to Mexico on a short mission’s trip. We had been told stories about the mutant roaches that grow to the size of small rodents … and were albino because they lived in the sewers … So, my mind was prepped when I saw the white eel-like creature slithering behind a pot. Not ashamed. I totally freaked. I begged my brain to let me pass out; but what if there were more on the floor?! I just stopped breathing and pointed. Someone said, ‘Oh, that’s just the rat that comes in at night, looking for food.’ I’d rather face a normal icky thing than a mutant creature. Normal icky may creep me out; but I don’t have nightmares about it.**

But back to the scheduled program…

Those of you who protect all living things, and who are vegans, may want to skip this next part…

I bravely killed the wasp.

Our election coming up is a little like that wasp. Irritating. Threatening. Painful. Fear-inducing. But, like my interaction with the wasp, our election process will come to an end.

We will go back to our business at hand.

We will have ample opportunities to complain about the next president.

We will see that America has problems that are too big for our government.

And we will have a choice to get involved in the healing of our country’s wounds, or let them fester like a bee stinger stuck in our backsides.

May God’s grace continue to be sufficient.

I welcome comments. Please keep them respectful and constructive.



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