Faithful Friend–Gone But Not Forgotten


Sometime back in the 1990s (it’s been at least 15 years), I developed a relationship that I thought would last forever.  We’ve had our ups and downs–sometimes I wanted to throw in the towel and see if I could find a better, more progressive friend; but all in all, I’d like to think the relationship has been beneficial.

Today, that relationship I thought indestructible, ended.  Somehow, I will mourn the loss and move on.  I will develop another relationship, but will never forget all the years with that special one–my first one.

My kids have thought I needed a new friend for a long time.  My friend didn’t keep up with the times and continued to lag behind most.  I didn’t mind and defended our relationship fiercely.

My friend, you served me well, and I will cherish the memories.

Goodbye dear old flip-top cell phone.

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