Snow Days and Poptarts


Growing up in Phoenix, we didn’t get days off due to weather.  There were no ‘snow days’ or, in our case, ‘heat days.’  I do remember once in high school there was an infestation of scorpions and when a nest fell out of the ceiling in one of the halls, we got a day off while the exterminators…well…exterminated…the problem.  At that same high school, classes continued as normal while police investigated a murder in our parking lot.  I’m not kidding.  The case remains unsolved, although we all believe her boyfriend did it.

Nothing canceled our schools (if administrators don’t deem a murder sufficient reason, did we really think ANYTHING was worthy?!).  So, now that we live in Colorado, I’m all for celebrating the ‘snow days.’  I look forward to them as much as my kiddos do!  We have Poptarts on hand and it’s a laze-around-in-your-jammies day.  Usually someone puts on a favorite movie we haven’t seen in a long time.  A time to read, a time to nap, a time to enjoy, a time to breathe and de-stress.  It feels like a ‘free’ day.  Last week, we had a ‘snow day.’  Actually, a blizzard warning (Colorado springtime fascinates me).  The night before, as schools began to cancel and the news crawled information at the bottom of the television screen, I realized we didn’t have Poptarts.  Not acceptable.  So, braving the wind and icy sleet (the snow hadn’t started yet), I went to the store to stock up on ‘snow day’ foods.  My theory is that if we have Poptarts on hand, the school district is more likely to call a ‘snow day.’  It worked.  At 6am the house was quiet at an hour that usually sees flurries of activity as we start our days.  Instead, the wind howled and I got to enjoy some quiet in my ‘nook’ in my room before starting some of those indoor chores that I’d neglected for awhile.

Sometimes we need spiritual ‘snow days.’  Days to do nothing but bask in God’s presence.  Days to focus on our souls and our spirits.  Days that feel a little guilty-pleasure, but have God’s sanction.  Jesus said to his disciples, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest” (Mark 6:31, NIV).   Jesus understood the need for time away.  I’ve loved the passages where he goes to the ‘lonely places’ to spend time with God.  In our American, frenzied culture, we value productivity and success.  Perhaps our definition of ‘productive’ and ‘success’ keep us from enjoying just ‘being’ with God.  So, today, I’m calling a spiritual ‘snow day.’  I will eat a Poptart (frosted cherry….), read some of the life of Jesus and bask in the glow that I am God’s creation and He wants to spend some time with me.


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