It’s The Small Things


Coffee with friends.  Diet lemonade from Chick-fil-A.  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  Cary Grant movies.  When life throws me a curve ball, these things give me comfort and make me believe that I can make it through almost anything.  As I write, there is a bag of Reese’s Mini Eggs that I just bought at the store for 50% off in the Easter clearance.  I’ve eaten 5 today and feel at peace with the world….

In my stocking at Christmas last year, Jud gave me 10 miniature Christmas-themed (on the bottles) bubbles.  As I blew bubbles to my heart’s content in our family room (and at my kids) and squealed with delight, our kids, a little horrified, asked, “Dad, why would you give her bubbles?!”  Jud just smiled contentedly and replied, “Look at her.”

The Peanuts clock that plays Christmas tunes on each hour just ‘chimed.’  I didn’t remember it until I put away all the Christmas decorations around January 1st.  Since I didn’t get to enjoy it during the holidays, I put batteries in it and set it up in my bedroom.  In February, my daughter rushed in my room and panic-stricken asked, “Do you hear that?!  Is it real?!  I’ve been hearing music for a week and I don’t know where it’s coming from!!”  We laughed (me laughing so hard I cried) when I showed her the clock.  Yes, I know it’s April; but I plan on keeping the clock around until it stops making me smile (or until Jud can’t stand it anymore).

Jesus told us to look to the small things–sparrows, lilies, birds, finding lost things, mustard seeds–and let them build our faith, build our joy.  He told stories like the one about the talents.  He said that if we are faithful with a little, God will trust us with more.  Then he says, “Enter into the joy of your Lord.”

Hiking with Jud, laughing with my kids, cleaning while listening to Beach Boys, sharing with friends what God seems to be doing in our lives, mocking news items with friends that have the same sense of humor that I do all invigorate my heart and soul.  Sometimes, I forget how the little things in life recharge my psyche.  God seems to have built in ways for us to enter His joy today; we just have to look for Him in the everyday.

It’s the small things that make life not just bearable, but joyful.  I hope you find that joy revealed in your life today.  As for me, I think I’ll go get a diet lemonade and see if my son and Jud will watch Grimm (a favorite show) with me.  Life is good!

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