Woman with Balloon


My husband, Jud, and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary on January 9th.  We have 3 children who are almost grown:  Emily is 21, Jason is 19 and Jonathan is 17.  My goal as a mom has always been to work myself out of a job.  Sometime in 2012, I realized I have done my job well and my kids are flourishing and discovering their passions and making their journeys without me deciding things for them.  I’ve never felt like I ‘starred’ in life–I always related to the main character’s sassy best friend in movies.  Recently, in a fit of feeling especially unneeded, I told Jud that I don’t even feel like a supporting character anymore.  I’ve become an extra at the end of the movie credits like ‘Woman with balloon.’

And a blog was born.

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